Monday, May 22, 2006

Why Plant Churches? by Tim Keller

The normal response to discussions about church planting is something like this:

A. 'We already have plenty of churches that have lots and lots of room for all the new people who have come to the area. Let's get them filled before we go off building any new ones."

B. 'Every church in this community used to be more full than it is now. The churchgoing public is a 'shrinking pie'. A new church here will just take people from churches already hurting and weaken everyone.'

C. 'Help the churches that are struggling first. A new church doesn't help the ones we have that are just keeping their nose above water. We need better churches, not more churches.'

These statements appear to be 'common sense' to many people, but they rest on several wrong assumptions. The error of this thinking will become clear if we ask 'Why is church planting so crucially important?' (more here)


Angel Thompson (Matt's Rib) said...

I am the wife of a church planter. God called us last year to leave my husbands 7 years senior ministry and to plant a multi site in our city. There are "many" churches, yet in a place of 125,000+, 89,000 are not being reached, not going to church...why plant churches...You writing is dead on. We are commissioned to. We are responsible for this generation of souls.

Kurt said...

Thanks for the comment , Angel. We need to keep praying for more people like you and your husband!

Ribekah said...

Dear Brother it is wonderful.

The word u said that we need better Church.

Yes we need better Church which will be the guidance to many souls to Heaven and Ur thoughts r great and I am very happy about ur decision and I am convinced and I am also planning and praying to start such kind of Church in India and if u can please guide me Biblically.