Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Aging Baby Boomer Church Workshop

What is your church doing to meet the needs of the Baby Boomers in your community? We invite you to join us at this special seminar at National Conference: Celebrate’06!

The Aging Baby-Boomer Church

With the largest population of Americans approaching retirement, the church needs to respond to the challenge. Kurt Miller, our National Director of Church Planting, is encouraging the development of boomer-focused churches for the 55+ crowd. Whether your church is in decline or you desire to plant a new church, the church needs to get ahead of the curve and be creative in its approach to reaching and ministering to the growing number of seniors. How about a “Seniors Only” church? Come and see why this may just be the next generation of FGBC church development!


Mike said...

A "seniors only church"? Aren't we carrying this church planting for specific population groups a little far? In this next proposal for type of church, what would happen to the Biblical admonition for older believers to disciple/train younger believers if there were none in the church who are younger? Is there something wrong with established churches developing a ministry to baby boomers within those churches. That approach would seem to provide for better stewardship of the resources the Lord provides than to spend resources unnecessarily on new church plants that really aren't necessary.

John Thill said...

I am director of ministry for Christian Association of Senior Adult Ministries. We were founded to do the very thing you are talking about. Dr. David Callagher has founded a seniors only church in Sun City West AZ. If any of your people need help with ministry to 50+ visit, email me at or call the CASA office at (888) 200-8552.
John Thill

Mike said...

The "Mike" above who made the first comment on this blog is not me- Mike Jentes. I just wanted to be clear.

Kurt said...

As with most options in life, it is not an either-or option. It is a both-and option; all depending on circumstances. I'd be delighted to post some statistical info about the amazing demographic shifts taking place in North America.