Friday, September 21, 2007

The 200th Anniversary of Protestantism in China

Mark This Day and Marvel at the Work of God

I do not doubt that what happened on September 7, two hundred years
ago, will be celebrated in heaven for its epochal significance in world
history. The first Protestant missionary set foot on Chinese soil on
September 7, 1807. His name was Robert Morrison. He was a Scottish
Presbyterian, and except for one furlough, he spent the next 27 years in

Persevering against the hostility of official opposition and the resistance of
foreign merchants, Morrison baptized the first Chinese Protestant
Christian, Cai Gao, on July 16, 1814. After the baptism of Cai Gao,
Morrison wrote prophetically in his journal, “May he be the first-fruits of a
great harvest, one of millions who shall come and be saved on the day of
wrath to come."

Last month The National Catholic Reporter carried an article by John Allen
documenting the fulfillment of Morrison’s prayer. Here is what he wrote: "At the time of the Communist takeover in 1949, there were roughly 900,000 Protestants. Today, the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, which puts out the much-consultedWorld Christian Database, says there are 111 million Christians in China, roughly 90 percent Protestant and mostly Pentecostal. That would make China the third-largest Christian country on earth, following only the United States and Brazil. The Center projects that by 2050, there will be 218 million Christians in China, 16 percent of the population, enough to make China the world's second-largest Christian nation. According to the Center, there are 10,000 conversions in China every day.

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