Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Taking the Church Where It's Needed Most

Please pray for the ...
Yadava of India
Population: 54,584,000
Language: Hindi
Religion: Hinduism
Evangelical: 0.00%

The Yadava people from all over the country trace their descent to the Krishna of Yadu lineage. They are also known as Ala Golla, Poone Golla, Mong Golla, Idaiyar, Konarulu, Pillai, Nayudu, Naikan and Yadukulam, etc. The Yadava of the South speak Dravidian languages, practice Dravidian kinship. Those of the North speak languages of the Indo-Aryan family and are generally vegetarian. The Yadava consist of both landowning and landless people. Their traditional occupation is animal husbandry and selling its products. Child labour is common among them. Agriculture, business, trade and self-employment are their present occupation. Some Yadava are businessmen, teachers, doctors, engineers and political leaders. The Yadava live in joint families. They cremate dead and observe pollution period for thirteen days; however, in Kerala the Yadava community bury the dead and observed death pollution for six days. They have caste associations at the regional and national levels. The Yadava participate in the local traditional and socio-religious festivals. They are known to have more faith in astrology and talismans rather than in the services of a doctor. They have expertise in oral traditions like Sevagaridi or group singing in praise of the god Vishnu. Similarly, they are good in musical dance and mock-fighting with swords. Boys are favored for formal education.

Alternate names: Ala Golla, Poone Golla, Mong Golla, Idaiyar, Konarulu, Pillai, Nayudu and Naikan, Yadukulam

Pray for:
  • The salvation of the Yadava people and that God may send several Christian workers among them and meet their spiritual and physical needs.
  • The practice of child labour to end among the Yadava people.
  • Education to be made available to girls as well as the boys.
  • The Yadava people to seek the Living God and give up their faith in astrology and talismans.

Copyright © India Missions Association - Edited by Philipose Vaidyar. Used with permission from The Joshua Project, www.joshuaproject.net

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